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Rain Bird

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3500 Series Top Adjust Rotor: Easy to use, tough to beat.

The 3500 Series Top-adjust, intermediate-range geardrive rotor delivers unrivaled convenience, value and performance, making it the choice of professional contractors worldwide.

  • Rain Curtain Nozzles: The industry’s only Rain Curtain™ Nozzles offer superior water distribution for green grass results.
  • Reversing Full and Part-Circle Rotation: 40º-360º arc adjustment from the top with only a flatblade screwdriver
  • Dual-Action Wiper Seal creates two sealing points to protect the internals from debris and assure positive pop-up and retraction over the life of the rotor.
  • True 4” Pop-up, measured from the top of the case cover to the middle of the nozzle, thus assuring that the spray pattern clears tall grass.
  • Easily removable filter screen and nozzles, specially designed to allow removal with only a flat-blade driver.
1800 Series Spray Heads

With Rain Bird® 1800 Series Spray Heads, you no longer need to have a green thumb to have a beautiful landscape. These durable, dependable spray heads work like magic to meet all your yard's watering requirements, year after year. Whether they are used in small or large grass areas or in flower beds, Rain Bird Spray Heads will do the job right.

Outstanding Features:

  • Innovative design ensures even water distribution with no brown spots.
  • High impact polymer construction stands up to the elements, year after year.
  • Built-in pressure regulator option eliminates wasteful misting.
  • A patented pressure-activated wiper seal provides optimum pop-up and pop-down reliability, while reducing water waste.
  • Unique Seal-A-Matic™ option prevents puddling and run-off that can erode a landscape.

A Spray Head for Every Landscape

A variety of nozzle sizes and spray patterns means virtually any landscape area is watered easily and accurately. The 2", 3" and 4" pop-up heights are perfect for watering most grass areas, while the 6" and 12" models provide superb irrigation for shrubs and flower beds. There are even gentle flows for watering delicate plants and flowers.

DV Series Valves

Out of sight is out of mind...unless there’s a problem. Then out of sight can mean real hassles. Because valves are the heart of your irrigation system, the health of your landscape depends on their reliability.

Rain Bird’s family of residential valves offer outstanding performance in any type of soil or water condition. Innovative designs guarantee a long operating life, low initial cost and little maintenance. Their heavyduty construction means you won’t have to worry, because these valves are on the job...out of sight, of course.

Even in harsh soil or dirty water conditions, non-clogging DV Valves ensure consistent performance for healthy, lush landscapes.

  • Unique balanced-pressure design and contoured flow path provide efficient operation for a long life.
  • Spray-free internal bleed offers convenience and water-savings.
  • Heavy-duty construction protects against temperature extremes and high water pressure.
  • Available in globe or angle configuration.

Rain Bird® ESP Modular Controllers

Designed with your growing landscape needs in mind, the ESP Modular irrigation controller is flexible, simple to use and Rain Bird reliable.

  • Modular stations allow you to flexibly add more irrigation zones as your landscape grows. Easily upgrade with 3-station modules up to 13 stations.
  • Unique Auxiliary Station™ allows you to water even when rain has temporarily suspended the controller from watering. Ideal for watering under covered patios, operating landscape lighting, fountains or other non-irrigation systems.
  • Upgraded 5 year lithium battery and non-volatile memory keeps time, date and program schedule during power outages.
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